The Intimacy of Creation


Ah – to dwell in this wording hell – appreciating the list?
let loose this Gordian knot
Blessing offered by a benevolent God/Goddess?
– unease disease of seeking meaning here
– I cannot know the intimacy of creation
Curses culled in crafty smart ass play?
– my gladrags’s costuming is mere posturing
Dare-devil schemes are but lying inverted pyramids
– my Faustian bargaining brain is a sweet-tongued serpent
Egotistical evolution will be my dissolution –
– inexhaustible supply of succubus supplications lace my mouth
Fraudulent flattery sings a sweet song
– nuances subtle skinned honeyed promises
Guilty of perjury I protest in my defense –
– Hecate laughs a lime bath

I :
the accused
the defendant
the prosecutor
the jury
the judge
the executioner

Judiciously selecting rebuttals in this megalomania drama
– I dig deeply into the black hole of my handbag
Kindling the flames
– rake and slake this thirst
– drink down a tall boy of gasoline
Lead me on with the fluted notes of Pan’s song
– Bellwether beast I am the pied piper
Marry me in a white dress stained red
– the church bells died when the good doctor sold his soul
Noose my neck with pearls
 – Mephistopheles wears a sacred swine smile
Operate with a blade silver sharp
– cut to the meaty marrow within my bones
Peel away the layers
– I skinned my knee in genuflection
Quench the stench of rot rising
– the benedictions came too late to the party
Ripples undulate in the sulfurous sinews
– I saw them not for the clutter of crashing dishes
Sleep will not come easy
– the ram-rod straight red hot poker sliced the golden chalice
Teasing the strips away from the pith
– his tongue merry meet with mine
Undressing with feline grace
– stripping it bare to the grooves of an old 45 single
Veering left in the rights of ways
– whose eyes see in this intersecting darkness?
Wandering blindly
– this hotbed of stained glass amber alert searches
Xanax induced dreams ease the strain
– the lost choir of words
Yellow-finned tuna swim in spooling currents
– St. Helena dies while Hecate holds her torches high
Zipping up the silver-toothed dragon
– the typewriter keys fly to their death under Mephistopheles’ watchful grin

©Pat Palazy/ wordwitch88@Black Cat Alley 2016∞

mlmm wordle
words highlighted in blue
wp:the daily post: protest
wp:the daily post: sacred
image credit: ImHerMonster on DeviantArt

Right, just because I couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to complicate a simple wordle. 👅
¿ aside: I reformatted this because I found the original hard to read


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Words are better than sex! Seriously. Did that grab your attention? Okay - it's all in the timing and the delivery system - with sex as with anything else in life - and that's why I love words, languages, communication and experimentation; words string this cat along the cradles of intellectual stimulation, the curiosity results in the fore*after play of inspiration. So that's why I'm a word whore or witch - vowels, letters slip and dip in this juicy spoon ride, which is what feeds my spirit - there is nothing better when something comes together and just reels off the tongue and hits the page.

16 thoughts on “The Intimacy of Creation”

  1. “my Faustian bargaining brain is a sweet-tongued serpent”

    “I skinned my knee in genuflection”

    “Marry me in a white dress stained red”

    So many brilliant lines in this! The wordle wasn’t challenging enough huh lol Some great vocabulary in this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nope nope nope …. damn and curses me …. looking at a list that is fairly straightforward and my brains says “wtf? there has to be something more here” …. it’s a begging bargain in dire need of what? I have no fucking clue.

      But thank you for your comment – I agree – there are some wonderful lines here – just teasingly maddening enough to make me lip my licks before saying “Grace” …. and walking away, exhausted by my efforts 🔚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL … should I say “thank you”???

        ummm … well you do realize that there is a touch (okay, maybe a slap) of sarcasm when I was so pleased with myself …. because I honestly have huge self-esteem issues and conflict with how, why and whether I am worthy of any writing/creating I do …. seriously ….. but I am learning to stand up to myself and for myself and accept that whether by channeling/transcription/translation, every now and then, some thing – a line or two – a phrase, just really works, strikes a solid tone – or by sheer dumb luck …. or pounds of sweat and swearing – to just say “all right, good job” But it’s a fine line between dancing the “whoop” of arrogant egotistical masturbation and learning to just quietly say “yeah, you’ve nailed it this time” ….


      2. I think confidence suits you and thus I want to encourage it because I believe you are a very talented writer. You are also hilarious and authentic and delightfully peculiar. I don’t think you are arrogant or egotistical and I’d probably tell you if I did because I lack social finess lol Also I tend to describe people just as I experience them.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. well thank you so much Yves …. sincerely …. and yes, in some ways, we are quite similar …. the “skilled but graceful” (perhaps socially ill-defined acceptance) of noticing the details, the nuances and essences, and being forward enough to “call it like we see it” …. some say, “blunt” – at times, insanely so (I have been known to suffer from hoof in mouth disease) but perhaps the “dirty truth storytellers” like us are much needed in this mad mad world – and so I say, “thank you” and offer you the same compliment, in honesty and kindness. May we long live to create and express with the sacred rebelliousness of a spirits wild and free! 👅


      4. I suffer from that same condition. I love your final mantra! I personally find blunt refreshing because I am quite literal and I have a hard time with euphemistic speech, I really can’t take a hint you’ve got to tell me flat out.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I can take hints and most often get it, but it depends on the person offering them, sometimes they are far too obtuse and they’re trying to be clever, which is just annoying – but generally, I prefer a more direct approach.


      6. I necessitate a more direct approach which is sometimes a good thing as some people are willing to drop their guard and talk real with me but other people like doctors and bureaucrats choose the route of being as obtuse as humanly possible thus obliterating all possibility of a productive interaction.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. choose the route of being as obtuse as humanly possible thus obliterating all possibility of a productive interaction.

        I’m so sorry, but I am laughing my ass off – because this is so aptly phrased – it “speaks of polite commentary” but smacks of the annoyance and frustration underneath this type of behaviour!

        I get it though.


    1. coriander eh? damn spell check … neglects itself on whim and then tries to dim the lights on words it finds frightening!

      oofff (merits the 3rd “f”) I gave myself a headache with the damn wordle …. honestly, I have to ask myself: wtf???

      And in polite fashion, I offer my thanks for the link and duly noted already …. and may I just say, you are a nutter indeed …. 100 words seemingly slipped with ease in play … what a most excellent day you must be experiencing 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh…I wrote ‘Aftermath’ yesterday or was that ions ago? Excellent is to be a wordsmith any and everyday. 😉

        It warmed up a tad. So I didn’t put in a blaze – yet. actually thinking of some yard work…but maybe not 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. well …. I’ve fried myself a few too many cracked eggs here this morning …. wordling to hell and back … oh what fun! pun’s on me … so I’m off (my head now) to rest awhile before considering any more trials and baptisms by fire 😈

        Liked by 1 person

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