Snap a Smile


Dental floss is for my teeth, not up my ass crack, she fumed.

Crabs in my crotch, he spumed.

Sand between the toes?

Smile! Smile! Smile!

©Pat Palazy/ wordwitch88@Black Cat Alley 2016∞

Twittering Tales #9
image credit: Pixabay
character count: 133


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Words are better than sex! Seriously. Did that grab your attention? Okay - it's all in the timing and the delivery system - with sex as with anything else in life - and that's why I love words, languages, communication and experimentation; words string this cat along the cradles of intellectual stimulation, the curiosity results in the fore*after play of inspiration. So that's why I'm a word whore or witch - vowels, letters slip and dip in this juicy spoon ride, which is what feeds my spirit - there is nothing better when something comes together and just reels off the tongue and hits the page.

20 thoughts on “Snap a Smile”

    1. LOL …. well, certainly not here – unless it would be snow selfies …. polar bear club style 😉

      All the best for the holidays to you Frank – and may 2017 be filled with peace, health, joy and more creative endeavours 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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